Convenient Travel Items 6-10

LED light
5. LED Light
An LED light is perfect for those moments when you’re fumbling for your keys, searching for lost underwear under the bed, or even walking through the occasional dark ruins like ancient tombs and caverns. The last time I used mine, I was making my way down a black well at the ancient Greek ruins of Mycenae while others groped blindly at the walls. This can usually be found at a dollar store.
6. Compass
The directions seem simple enough, “walk north on Main Street” but when you just got out of the subway, or you’re in a place where it’s literally all Greek to you, do you really know your ass fr-uh, never mind. A small compass, though you probably never use it in your everyday life, ensures that you don’t walk five blocks in the wrong direction on a hot summer’s day. Who doesn’t want to save time and energy? Of course, you can use it for hiking too. Here’s a Compass-Carabiner from Magellan’s Travel Supplies

7. Travel Clothesline
When you’re staying at a resort, there are only so many doorknobs on which to hang your wet undies and bathing suits on. A travel clothesline is small, peg-less, and can be hooked and extended from almost anything. It also comes with suction cups. Great for families spending a week at the beach!




8. Tissues and Wet Wipes
Not all toilets have paper and not all birds poo on trees. Similarly, hold on to those extra napkins from the restaurant.


10. Two-in-One Clothes
Get the most out of your wardrobe by having clothes that can be worn in different ways. It’s rare to find a reversible top but if you get your hands on one- buy it! My favourite item is American Apparel’s ‘bandeau’ dress which can be worn more than 10 ways, including as a top and skirt.


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-Does Not Fall! Absolutely in love with travel and anything travel related. It's about time I offer up my tips and tricks. I've been to about 30 countries and certainly have an abundance to share! Oh, I also REALLY like travel-sized, travel friendly, compact, and/or two in one travel products! A lot!
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