Cuba With Signature Vacations

On the Road in Cuba

I visited and clicked on the destination tab to find out how it describes Cuba. Here’s a list of terms used:
Wordle: SignatureCubaWords

coastline, welcoming people, hosting, sun seekers, all-inclusive, vacations, desirable, dollar-stretching, amenities, comforts, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Holguin, Cayo Largo, Havana, countryside, escorted tour, choice, hospitality, Spanish spice, life is easy, active, want

Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are said to be:
Wordle: CayoCocoandCayoGuillermo

sunsoaked islets, shimmering, aquamarine sea, modern resorts, pleasure, sun-starved-tourist, want, best known, environmentally protected, birds, flamingos, flat terrain, perfect, walking, cycling, powdery white sand beaches, irresistible, destination, history buff, shopaholic, paradise, Robinson Crusoe, good, leaving civilization behind, laid-back, vacation

Havana is:

Wordle: Havana

faded charm, Old Havana, stark, must-see, Caribbean, music, courtyard, famous fifties, American cars, cobblestone streets, experiencing, place, no-other, darling, American gangsters, gambling, legacy, splendid hotels, time, stood still, revolution, casinos, dazzling nightclubs, legendary, hotels, ultramodern

Varadero offers you:

Wordle: Varadero

retreat, American gangsters, first, most famous, beach resort, Cuba, dazzling, white sandbeach, sophisticated, all-inclusive resorts, Caribbean, golf course, rum, cigars, shopping, clothing, locally-made crafts, jewellery, tempt, outdoor market, music, mambo, Desi Arnaz, home, leader, world music


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