Cuba with Sunwing

Sunwing, the premiere sun-destination airline has praise for Cuba:Wordle: Cuba Sunwing

paradise, history, unique, tropical wonderland, rich historical past, white beaches, azure waters, quaint, pastel colored homes, colonial, cathedrals, grand, mint-condition, 50s Chevies, archaic cobbled streets, geniune, cigars, smoke, allure, people, welcome smiles, winning manners, open markets, restaurants, street musicians, dazzling, cafes, cabarets, gyrating, colourfully plumed dance costumes, inky nightclubs, must-see, multi-faceted, art, culture, architecture, 1500s, discover, endless offerings

I don’t agree with some of the wordchoice, though. Referring to cobbled streets as ‘archaic’ has negative connotations… who wants to see outdated streets? ‘Chevies’ are better known as ‘Chevys’ and ‘welcome smiles’ should be ‘welcoming smiles.’ But anyway, at least Sunwing tries to give Cuba some personality.

Cayo Coco serves up:

Wordle: CayoCocoSunwing
holiday, breather, small, paradise, spectacular beach, breathtaking scenery, silky white sand beaches, crystal clear water, environmentally protected area, flamingos, pelicans, seabirds, woodpeckers, coco bird, coral reef, wonderful opportunities, snorkellers, scubadivers, exceptionally clear water, another world, colourful fish, trails, hiking, cycling, activities, sunglasses, hat, sun-block, camera, island of tranquility

Some of the descriptions in the quip about Cayo Coco on the Sunwing page are a tad too obvious “The main goal of a holiday in Cayo Coco is to take a beather.” No, really?!  Also the fact that “The primary attraction of this small paradise is the spectacular beach and the breathtaking scenery” doesn’t need to be summed up in one line, it should be fairly obvious in the way it’s described. Equally, the clear waters is redundant. Is this water warm? Are there schools of fish around my feet? Sand banks? Can I see my toes? Starfish? I understand it’s supposed to be nice water and breathtaking… but ZERO imagery has been created. What really caught my attention about Cayo Coco is the flamingos, coral reefs, and the fact that the whole island is an environmentally protected area.

On to Havana:

Wordle: HavanaSun

Havana Sunwing

largest city, capital, past, Colonial Spanish buildings, restoration, Old Havana, cobbled squares, colonnades, ancient heritage, Maleçon, promenade, seafront, El Morro, fort, 16th Century, cars, vintage models, fifties, grills, fins, chrome, proud owners, cathedral, vista, Hemingway, mojito, music, danceclubs, salsa beats, nightclub, El Tropicana, showgirls, costumes, handicrafts, cigars, Havana Club rum, lowprice

As for Varadero:

Wordle: VaraderoSun

finestbeaches, resort, hotels, expansive, white-powdery-sand, watersports, key-ingredient, holiday, activities, mojito, sugar, freshmint, rum, hot, sun, hemingway, biosphere, unesco, tourists, photos, animals, birds, crocodile-farm, fishing, music, local-groups


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