Wordy Wednesdays

Wordle: hobby
Over the past little while, I’ve developped a hobby creating lexical fields. I don’t know if it relaxes me or what but whether im furiously typing notes on my cell phone or have a pen in hand, I tend to compile the most random yet thorough bits of info surrounding any given topic. Maybe I spent too much time in the shower reading shampoo bottles with fancy words like E3 complex, mineral essence, and hydra repair.

In any case, this same quirk of mine extends to how vacation destinations are touted. Throughout this blog, I’ll compile and share a few. It helps me understand the kind of image a place is projecting, what kind of promises it makes to the public, how it’s marketed…. and ultimately the discourse that revolves around it.

I found a cool site, www.wordle.net that creates word clouds with text you either copy/paste in or you can link an entire blog post in particular. Pretty cool! Let me know what you think. Click on the word cloud to enlarge it


About MelTrips

-Does Not Fall! Absolutely in love with travel and anything travel related. It's about time I offer up my tips and tricks. I've been to about 30 countries and certainly have an abundance to share! Oh, I also REALLY like travel-sized, travel friendly, compact, and/or two in one travel products! A lot!
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