Athens Excursion: Day trip to Hydra

A look at Hydra (pic from


If you’re in Athens for a few days and find yourself archeologically exhausted but don’t have time to go down to one of the famous islands and relax, make your way to the port of Piraeus and hop on the first hydrofoil to Hyra (pronounced E-dra). This small island is located just a 45 minute ride away.

Houses clustered up a hill facing the sea welcome visitors as they take to strolling the lanes. Noticeably absent are… cars! That’s right. Besides emergency and some construction vehicles, cars are prohibited on the island! I don’t know where they’d fit them anyway. NO CARS! I’m so happy I went.

It’s perfect for just an afternoon.  Where else in such a popular European country will you see sacs of bricks being saddled onto a donkey for a construction project? Where does a donkey in these countries carry crates of Coca Cola to bars, stores, and restaurants?

Nowhere but Hydra! 

I saw a man load a fridge onto one. I’m not even joking. A fridge! Hydra, well worth an afternoon if you’ve already seen what Athens is all about and want to unwind for the day.


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