Tapas in Spain

As previously mentioned, I spent a couple of weeks in Spain this summer as part of a longer trip. I was there in late July and the weather was great, apart from a few humid scorchers in the concrete jungle (but fun city!) that is Madrid.

My FAVOURITE thing about Spain is the tapas- snacks or food of smaller portion that you can get at bars and restaurants. If you want something a bit more substantial to eat but not a full meal, you ask for raciones. Now, back to tapas… here’s how it works: You order a beer, you get a bowl of olives. You order another beer, you get some tortilla de patata, you order yourself another beer, you might get some croquetes, or calamari, or jamon, or homemade chips served with jamon, or a small sandwich with jamon, or whatever else the place is serving up that day- you get the idea.

Sadly, for me who hates beer, I only discovered towards the end of my trip that I didn’t always have to buy a drink to get tapas, I could’ve just ordered the the tapa. If you don’t mind the beer but don’t want to fill up on it- order una caña, it’s about a glass of beer… the expression might not be the same everywhere in Spain but they’ll most likely understand what you’re talking about.

All in all, I tapa’d my heart out in Girona, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Granada, and La Coruña this summer. I’d do it again too, yum!


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