Places I’ve Been

Places I’ve been….


Camels in the desert at sunset, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Some of my best moments have been zipping around Rome at the back of a motorino, watching a coppersmith at work in Sarajevo, an elderly Turkish woman who knew 0 English and me 0 Turkish, feeding me cookies on a loooong bus ride to Cappadocia, and experiencing the sunset and wild camels in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Before peppering this blog with words of wisdom, I’d like to share that my roving spirit, so to speak, has taken me to much of Western Europe,  the Balkans, the Baltics, a sliver of Scandinavia, some North Africa, and an absolutely beautiful chunk of the Middle East. In the planning stages is South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela. Normally I wouldn’t mention that last bit but I’m now worth $400 more in vaccinations and various tablets so I’m just throwing it out there!

Above all, my greatest appreciation of tourism and travel is to experience the culture… to leave with a feeling rather than a camera full of pictures and a bag full of souvenirs. It’s interesting to note that many places are presented in this way… Paris isn’t just the Eiffel Tower, it’s sitting at a cafe and watching people go by, Cuba and much of the Caribbean isn’t just a beach, it’s hospitality, and Egypt, though it has the Pyramids, also has wonder. Can you buy ‘wonder’? The way these destinations are being advertised- yes. But they’re on the money.


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